Fishing Hooks

Posted by Magic Fishing on Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fishing hooks have been used since thousands and thousands of years. According to records, history suggests people used fish hooks even back in 7000BC. And through time, the materials and elements in the developments of hooks have changed. Wood, stone, bones, shells, bronze, iron and other sorts of materials were used in the production of hooks; and it is a fact that people still use non metallic hooks in some parts of the globe today. Hooks which were made by using steel first appeared and then significantly grew popular for professional use after the sixteenth century.Fishing hooks are tools which are used for catching fish. Like the name "hook," itself suggests, the tool is shaped like a hook and it contains a barbed edge which captures the fish and disables it to wriggle its way out of the hook. A hook is divided into various parts, such as:

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Tying Fishing Knots - Why Learning How To Tie Fishing Knots Is So Important

Posted by Magic Fishing on Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I have been fishing for more than two decades and in that time have learned how important tying various fishing knots is when you are out of the water fishing. In this article I will outline some of the best reasons I've learned for tying various fishing knots in various fishing situations. When you are out on the water fishing you never know exactly what you are going to encounter and if you only know one way of attaching a piece of terminal tackle, fishing lure, or one length of line to another, you are going to be in trouble.
If you only know one method of attachment for example, what do you do when you switch from worm fishing with gang hooks for trout to fishing a crank bait for bass? In this scenario if you only know one fishing knot you are more than likely using a knot that it much less strong than it should be in one fishing situation or the other. There simply isn't one "magic knot" that will work in all fishing situations, although many anglers tend to think this is the case.
Tying fishing knots is an extremely important skill to have as an angler and knowing at least three different methods of attaching line to tackle is of the utmost importance in my opinion. In reality an angler should know more than three, but three will suffice for most fishing scenarios.
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Fishing Knots: Important One

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Fishing knots: An average angler needs three to four fishing knots and that help him to end up doing all his/her angling job. But choosing your knots is directly related with the mode of fishing you are prone to. But knowledge is always bliss, and it in the same way an angler will be helping him/herself along with others all the more if he/she is aware about other fishing knots that may not so important for their day to day job. This article will help you to know few fundamental knots and their tying techniques.

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